Chocolate Mousse, Y’all


So my sweet tooth went crazy this summer as my pregnancy drew to a close (woohoo!).  But there are so many clean options I really don’t feel guilty about it and have started eating more sweets even now post partum.  Did you see my banana on Instagram that I covered with a sauce of melted coconut oil, cacao, almond butter and honey topped with toasted coconut and pecans.  I mean…so good.

I stumbled upon this recipe for Chocolate Mousse on a Sunday evening and let’s just say it was made almost immediately; well, after I let the coconut milk chill for a bit.  I halved the recipe because I knew I would be eating it alone…and eating it all!  It is smooth, creamy, sweet and has this rich, luxurious texture that you really just have to try it to understand it.  I made mine in the food processor FYI. This would be an easy and impressive dessert for a dinner party too…put in pretty little dishes and top with berries and a mint leaf…done!

mousse in FP

Check out the rest of this site Super Healthy Kids…it’s adorable and has tons of good ideas.  Great Facebook find!

I don’t know if this sweet tooth is going to continue but as long as there are clean treats like this one around, I am okay with it!

mousse 1


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