Date Smoothie

Most everyone who reads my blog knows I drink a green smoothie every single morning. Aubrey and I share one and it’s just part of our morning routine. Lately I have been wanting to mix it up and I found the perfect solution in this Date Smoothie from Food52 and AGIRLANDAPIG.



Sidenote: Food52 is a beautiful, informative, inspiring website you definitely need to add into your rotation. You’re welcome.

I always have everything to make this smoothie and it’s obviously quick, DELICIOUS, and perfect for breakfast, the dreaded 3pm slump and even dessert!

All you need is your preferred non dairy milk, dates, a frozen banana, cinnamon and vanilla. Get the full recipe here.

As the crazy wonderful holiday season approaches, lighten up with this date smoothie in place of a meal or as a healthy snack.


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Thanksgiving recipes, hangover cures and helpful tips!

Here we go again! The Holiday Season is here- BRING IT. We have listed a few tips to get you through this Thanksgiving Holiday…   it’s all about the sweat, party, and Friday cure-  we got your back.

1) No one freak. HAVE FUN. Did someone say party? EAT, DRINK, AND HAVE FUN. Who cares? It’s the holidays. Just make sure you take care of yourself the day after. A few clients have expressed that they go to multiple dinners throughout the weekend with family and friends. If you are stuffed with turkey and stuffing and want to keep it lighter the rest of the weekend, check out the salad below. I will fill my plate with salad and then side it with the butterball turkey and stuffing. This way you eat and fill up on mostly greens but eat the rest of the meal in small portions. I do this because certain food gives me an equally painful hangover as drinking my kombucha-vodkas.<– (kombucha with a splash of vodka on ice)

BEC ideas from our favorite sites + favorite bloggers:

Dessert // No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie // OMG

Appetizer // Salad // Arugula, Fennel, Apple, Orange, and Pomegranate Salad // great uninvited dish.Can’t be mad at fall in a bowl. Who else will make this? NO ONE. = you will be loved.   A great example of what I would fill my plate with and side it with the butterball turkey!

Main Steeze // Gluten-free Stuffing // Quinoa stuffing looks AH-mazing. 

See something you like above but don’t want to go to the store? Let me help you out here… A great idea to destress the holiday preparation in our area (in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond and Northern VA area) is RELAYFOODS.  Who the heck has time to run to the grocery with empty shelves to find nothing? You can order all of your ingredients and premade food on Relay until midnight on Tuesday and pick up in the Lynchburg area on Wednesday. They offer local and organic ingredients and also have local turkeys STILL available.  True that.

2) FRIDAY MORNING ELIXER < AND //  OR>  CLEANSING SMOOTHIE< Help your food and drink hangover. Here’s what BEC recommends to save your mind, body, and soul the morning after!  I usually suffer on Saturday morning due to the immense party sessions on Friday night with family and friends in town so use these tips throughout the weekend (LIFE).

3) MOVE.  Wake up and do something. Whether it is going for a run, heading to your favorite yoga class, or check out our babes at Tone it Up for a quick video. Move a little.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our people! Have the best of time and stay tuned for our leftover ideas :)




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