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BEC2I cannot express how excited I am about this 30 day challenge! GAH! I am SO excited because I know how much this can change a person’s life . I know how hard and confusing it is out there to follow ridiculous eating plans that are restrictive and how much ‘diets’ suck. This beauty(and yes, her name is actually Spring in real life) is NOT going on a diet- she is here to change the way she views food and healthy eating.This plan is full of recipes and easy on the go nutrient packed food that will make your mind and body feel amazing.A-ok sign Muscle arm . We worked together to pin point her goals for the next 30 days and this is what we came up with:

1) Gain energy,  which makes a happy girl/boy

2) Get off of processed foods.      feel “whole” and happy

3) Get rid of bloating.   I hate the word bloated. It’s gross but it happens.  Unbloated girls are happy girls

4) Learn how to pack my kids a healthy lunch that they will actually eat and enjoy, (everyone happier)

5) Prepare a dinner for the family that is easy, nutritious AND tastes great(everyone much happier)


Tiffany and I have the privilege to health coach Spring as a team which is something we have never done before. We are having so much fun collaborating and developing a personalized plan for Spring, husband and three kids. Although we all live different lifestyles, taste buds, budgets, etc., you will find our BEC plan to be affordable and realistic- as long as you have an open mind and are ready to have some fun! We live in a small town that does not offer a juicery, a lot of healthy lunch/dinner options, whole foods etc. so we are shopping at traditional grocery stores and supplementing fresh ingredients from the farmers market along with some key items from our local health food store. Our blonde babe, Rachel has so many delicious ideas on BEC that it is hard to tire out recipes.


Tiffany and I have both coached many people through out the years and there is no failure in this game changer. Let me rephrase that; there is no failure in this game changer IF you are willing and ready to make healthy choices. Unfortunately, we cannot pry you from underneath the couch hanging on to your reeses and Fresh Market muffin cakes for dear life. But we can tempt you to drop the junk and try a delicious and sweet energy bomb, BEC green smoothie and teach you how to make a healthy nutritious muffin.  If you fall off the bandwagon, get your booty up and either try again or just keep moving. LIFE.  This is a learning process. In the nutrition industry we are constantly evolving by trying new recipes, ordering superfoods we cannot pronounce, and researching the latest nutrition trend. In other words, we are always learning and trying new things. Sometimes we make disgusting smoothies or over salt our new and improved yogurt salt (sauce)…   we fail ,use less salt, and dominate.<—learning process!!    This goes for every one. Once you reach the thirty days when you feel and see results, we want you to to keep on KEEPIN on. I have clients who have stuck with me for over a year now because they want the support to constantly evolve. I love when they get to a point where they have reached their goal(s) and want more…        I love it even more when they are sending me articles and pictures of food they have created on their own. The BEC girl (or guy) has ups and downs, we learn from our mistakes and become better at dominating the world, and we never stop. Can’t stop- won’t ever stop. It’s life and we want the best of it. This is just the first 30 days to feeling it and wanting more.


Sooooo meet Spring- Our BEC girl taking life by the balls. She is drinking water and making small (BUT BIG) changes for 30 days strait. She took the pledge, wrote down her goals above, and even did a little dance with me. I am so stoked by her enthusiasm to jump on the BEC (choooo chooo) train.


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Right About Now…

Right about now 1 YOGA!  I know I sound redundant.  But for real y’all, I am strongly considering a 200 hour certification early next year to deepen my practice and improve my postures (and maybe teach one day??!!).  I would love some feedback from any others who explored this option and what your experience entailed.  Holla at me here!  Lynchburg people I am OBSESSED with Carlina’s Hot Vinyasa class on Tuesdays at noon.  It seriously turns my whole day around.

My Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe shots every night.  ACV has a ridiculous amount of healthy uses (duh) but I realized a lot of people just don’t really get it!  So I am adding an ACV specific blog post soon.  In the mean time, just know how much I enjoy the benefits of taking a shot of ACV and a shot of Aloe every night before bed…washed down by a lot water so it doesn’t mess up my pearly whites!  Sidenote: I add ACV to so many recipes, even if it’s just a capful. Aside the fact that it’s great for you, it adds a tangy sourness and allows me to use less salt!

Etsy is one of those sites I forget about and hadn’t stalked out in a while but I took a peek last night and was reminded of why it is so cool.  Check it out for literally…anything.

Sweaty Betty and Alo!  Helllllllo HOT workout clothes.  My friend Joni told me about SB, I ordered a couple things and just received this week.  So cute and fun and different.  I am a fan of any workout clothes that can take me from the barre to the bar.  Or yoga to a meeting.  Or TRX to coffee.  You get it..and these totally fit that bill. Alo is a another brand I love for yoga pants.  I wore them to barre on Friday and got compliments from everyone in the class.  They are PERFECT for us long legged girls.

My homemade almond milk latte is so legit.  I need to post this recipe on the blog. I don’t think I ever need to go to Starbucks again (at least until they start carrying non-gmo almond milk!)

Oil Pulling.  I know, I know.  It seems cray right? I am on day 8 and think I could already be hooked (I did it three times yesterday)!  I will give you guys a play by play after I have done this for more than a couple weeks.  Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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rachels home
My friends will tell you I love a routine.  I like lists, schedules, full calendars.  As much as we (love) travel, we also LOVE to be at home.  It makes me so happy to have a night or weekend “in” every now and then.  We moved four times in the first three years of our marriage so now that we are settled it is so nice to just ‘be’ at home.

We have lived in our current home since December so there is still a lot of work left to do, art to buy, spaces to fill…but I LOVE the process of always hunting for the next fun “piece” for our house.

rachels office
One of my favorite things to do at home is hang out in my “office”.  It is more of a loungey, cozy space that is anchored by this awesome chaise my sister in law Whitney gave to me when she no longer had space for it in her (beautiful) house.  Of course it’s an office so I have a chair, desk, etc but this chaise is my favorite.  I sit here every day and read, drink coffee (wine), relax, catch up on the phone with girlfriends, or BLOG.

What makes your favorite spaces your favorite?
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