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{Quick sidenote guys, Carlina is the BEST yoga teacher I have ever had.  I am not just saying that…she is instructive, constructive, encouraging, serious but gentle, honest and kind and her LOVE and passion for yoga is contagious.  Go to Congruence Yoga ASAP to meet her immediately.  And Carlina, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this truly open, inspiring (TEARFUL!) interview.  You are my hero! xo}



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Name, age, location


Carlina Muglia, 30, Lynchburg


How long have you been interested in and practicing yoga?  What encouraged you to become a yoga teacher?  Where did you study and why?  


I was interested in yoga since roughly my early 20’s, just out of college. I took a few classes at Rubber Soul Yoga in Athens, Ga in 2009 and loved it and then moved to Austin, Tx and had a 2x/day practice at Black Swan Yoga for about 3-4 months before ultimately moving back to Lynchburg and taking an hiatus until Jan 2012 when I started a home practice using
  At that point I was back into rock climbing and Cross-fitting regularly and was also teaching Crossfit. I was very sore regularly and missing lots of range-of-motion. I saw the same thing happening in the bodies of people that I was coaching. Thinking back to my time in Austin – I did Crossfit there at Crossfit Central, training with some of the best Crossfit Games competitors of that time. They all did yoga. Austin is also where I started rock-climbing with people who were pro and semi-pro rock climbers – they all did yoga. That is why I started doing yoga in Austin and while it is fun and exhilarating to climb and Crossfit I truly never felt better in my body than after doing yoga. I realized that I could tell people as much all day long but if I didn’t lead by example no one would follow. So, I set everything else aside and returned to Austin to train with Black Swan Yoga under Gustavo Padron and Heather Olson. I chose Black Swan because they have the perfect blend of Eastern and Western sensibility and have inspirationally talented yogis who know how to cater to top-level athletes and beginners, alike.


We have seen how rockin your body is, do you workout in addition to your yoga practice?  Tell us what you do!


As I mentioned I used to rock-climb and Crossfit but now the only thing I do is yoga. Once a person is capable of doing arm balances and inversions and has a strong breathing practice yoga is the only tool necessary to tone and strengthen. However, I have been a life-long athlete so I have tons of dense muscle from my previous endeavors. If a person wants to speed that process along I advocate doing doing two days of Olympic Lifting/Kettlebells/Crossfit per week (no machines). Unless that person aspires to be an athlete in one of the aforementioned sports I would suggest no more than 2 or 3 days per week of strength training and a varied yoga routine. For athletes I recommend mobility work every day and yoga 4-5 times per week in varying styles and durations of time.


Breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?  Dessert?  Snacks?  Is there anything you would never eat?  Anything you always eat?  What are some easy snacks or go-to items you reach for often?


Three or four days per week I fast until noon, so, no breakfast. One day per week I fast for longer – until 2 or 3pm when I’m done with my yoga practice. I have no set meal times and I eat raw vegan until dinner most days and then at dinner eat cooked vegan and vegetarian. On days that I do eat breakfast, its almost always eggs. I eat meat occasionally ( a couple times per month) but never pork – my body does not metabolize pork so it hurts my stomach. I never eat dairy aside from whats on a pizza which is a once-a-month indulgence for me. I eat every green under the sun in every style of preparation. I eat at least 12 ounces of salad greens per day. Dark chocolate is the only indulgence that makes its way into my diet on a regular basis – I eat a couple of ounces several nights per week. 

Go-To Items:
avocados, white rice, bananas, apples, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, corn tostadas & salsa, lots of water


Do you cook at home?  What’s your favorite dish to prepare and would you share the recipe with us?!  When you go out to dinner, do you splurge on a not so healthy dish or try to eat clean all the time?


I cook at home pretty much every day. Once or twice a week when its super late and I’m arriving home an hour before my bedtime I will pick up hibachi veggies and rice or tofu and veggies but I love to cook! My favorite thing to cook is tofu and veggies but that is pretty complicated and takes a lot of trial and error to get the feel for it so a recipe is not sufficient. I could write a book but here’s a really easy vegetarian fave of mine:


Collard Green wraps
Scramble however many eggs you want (about 1 egg per collard leaf)
Pick a seasoning blend or go plain. I use salt and pepper + chili + cumin + garlic OR salt and pepper + sage + a hint of garlic +/- Herbs de Provence

Cut off the last little bit of stalk on the collard green and put the eggs in the green. Add walnuts, avocado, sun-dried tomato, olives, caramelized onions, sriracha etc…dress it up or down however you like it. Roll the stalk end up and the leaves like a burrito and enjoy!


Do you drink alcohol?  What’s your favorite cocktail, beer or wine?  Any hangover tips? 


No alcohol for me. I used to drink. In college a drank a lot and until I was 27 I drank casually (a couple drinks a couple nights per week) but I do not think that it is conducive to an holistic life-style. People say they drink to relax but I do yoga everyday. There is nothing in this world that alcohol can do for me that being present and clear-minded can’t do better. If you do drink, drink lots of water. When I used to drink I got hangovers and the only real thing to do is drink lots of water and sleep it off.


We all get into workout slumps.  Who or what inspires you to keep working out, learning more, and staying such a positive influence to your students? 


God and love are my inspirations. I see reflections of those universals in my relationships – with my boyfriend and our commitment to each other and growing healthfully together. When I feel weak all I have to do is remember that he is out in the world busting his ass to be a successively better person everyday and if I am going to stay true to my end of the bargain I have to do the same. My love for my sisters, parents, grandparents and community drives me, too. How can I ask you to do things like eat a clean diet and yoga everyday if I myself do not do so? Y’all inspire me daily! And if you want something a little more externally facing that inspires me check out the following instagram accounts @cuchira @cyogalab and of course Bruce Lee and other martial arts masters. To me that kind of body control is the pinnacle of movement and everyday I am one step closer. I won’t stop until I have trained under a martial arts master and can express myself spontaneously through dancing like Tamara Levinson (Cuchira).


Anything else we should know about you?


I was raised in a patriarchy that did not value women until my parents got divorced when I was 16. I was overweight even as a college athlete and it wasn’t until I receded from socializing habitually and started being alone with my thoughts that I realized I truly could be the person I was on the inside and express that outwardly in all ways. I started my fitness journey with Crossfit at the age of 24 but it wasn’t until I quit drinking entirely and started developing myself spiritually that I started to integrate the fitness of my physique with mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. I was bulimic from my senior in college until just two years ago when I began to pursue my path as a yogi. No matter what a person’s background or how hurt a person is I truly believe that it is possible to transcend and become a whole and healthy person. Let the brokeness of my past be an example and if you need help I am here for you.


{Thank you again Carlina, you are an inspiration.  We adore you!}

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