28 Day Challenge

The #blondeseatclean28 Challenge winners are……..

Winner announcement

Congratulations to the winner of the Blondeseatclean28 challenge, Kim Zuno from New Jersey! You earned it!



Be inspired by Kim and her insane accomplishments these past 28 days!

BEC collage


  • Gave up all diet drinks. We are talking diet soda and crystal light packets loaded with artificial sweeteners that are TOTALLY addicting!
  • Started off her day EVERY morning with the Game Changer Green Smoothie. That’s right…..spinach for breakfast people. Why? Because it made her feel energized, full, satisfied, AND tastes delicious.
  • Kim even fell in love…….with who?, what?, where?…….with her new best friend……INFUSED WATER. She drank a minimum of 64 ounces a day. Bonus: She knows every bathroom in the tri-state area.
  • Feel Fabulous – True Story. I looked in the mirror the other day and thought, “Damn you’re hot.” (giggle) <<<Quote from Kim>>>
  • Kim ate clean!! No processed foods. Almost everything she ate looked like it does from Nature.
  • Kim avoided sugar like the PLAGUE.
  • She is begging us to continue the challenges and grocery lists.

We want to thank YOU Kim. You have been such an inspiration to the BEC team and our friends. We are incredibly proud of every moment you encountered while on this 28 day journey. We are always here to support you and look forward to working with you in the future. Your Health Warrior giveaway is on it’s way!!!!!!!

The BEC team would also like to congratulate Spring Burks for winning the second place prize! Spring has been on the clean eating journey for about two months and absolutely killed the #blondeseatclean28 challenge. We look forward to sharing an interview with this amazing chick who has seen incredible changes over the past two months. She is not only inspiring us at BEC, she has completely changed her family’s life and has gained quite a following (friends and beyond) herself :)  …   she is changing lives, ya’ll!  Stay tuned for more on Spring!


Our third place prize goes out to Natalie Trost and her daughter, VB. We were BLOWN away by their dedication to this journey and cannot wait to see what you have in store for the future. VB is one of our youngest #BECs in training and we are totally inspired by her contagious energy. Keep up the work and spread the love!





Whether you are blonde, brunette, green, purple, or pink (I want pink hair, so bad!) …..we want you to jump aboard and be part of the BEC team. We are here to help you! Please feel free to ask questions and interact with each other. They(the big fat food companies) make it hard for us to be healthy and we are here to support you!

Blondes Eat Clean would also like to thank Health Warrior for the swag gifts! We are so on board with these guys and look forward to working with you again!!!

We look forward to more challenges in the future! Remember to tag #blondeseatclean when posting your journey to a life of energy and clean eating! We love to see what is going on out there!




#Blondeseatclean28 final challenge + shopping list

week 4
#Blondeseatclean28: Week 4!
Refer to challenge for more information about the ingredients.
  • Epson Salt for bath
  • Himalayan Pink Salk
  • Frozen Banana
  • Organic Spinach
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Medjool Date
  • Peanut butter with 1 or 2 ingredients *PEANUTS or another nutbutter
  • Cinnamon
  • Pomegranate
  • Chia Seeds
  • Organic Kale
  • EVOO or Avocado Oil
  • Ingredients for day 28

We are so proud for everyone of you. We look forward to highlighting our favorite posts and participant stories. Please submit your favorite stories and positive changes to info@blondeseatclean.com.

Week 4: Killing IT

22-Take a bath with epson salts<<Like Dr. Teals which you can find at Walgreens>> Click here to learn about the benefits. + A 15 minute POWER walk and 10 minute Cardio with Jessica Smith

23-Do not eat bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice after 3 pm. We use this method with clients who are having trouble dropping weight.. Gather ideas from last week’s snack challenge and think salads with protein at dinner. +  A 5 minute warm up walk and 20 Minute Killer Core

24- Replace dinner with the game changing green smoothie! <<this makes me feel great in the morning.. and actually hungry>> + Blast some of your favorite music and follow along for a 28 minute Butt and Abs Cardio Workout

25- Replace your table salt with Himalayan Sea Salt and use it on your Kale Chips you are making tonight. <<caution:addicting>> *tip:you can use olive oil +  10 Minute Bikini Arms Workout with Tone it UP+  + 10 Minute Love your arms workout with Tone it Up

26-Kick your sweet craving at night with a pomegranate! Learn how to open one without the mess here. + Ouch!! This one is tough! Find your favorite music (you will need it!) and try and get through this 20 minute fat burner. You need a 5-20 pound weight, matt or towel, and a chair.

27-Get creative! Make a recipe with chia seeds and tag us. +  9 minute legs and butt work out + 3 Miles of power walking or a run!

28-Have a friend over for a BEC approved meal. You have all weekend to do this. Revisit the past 28 days and repost your favorite challenge. We are so proud of you :)   + Get a friend to do a work out with you! Pick your favorite from the past 27 days and GO FOR IT!

#Blondeseatclean28 Challenge: Week 3

 <<We love pineapples>> 

We are excited and inspired by all of you! Our team is having SO much fun reading your amazing posts every day, all day.  Not only are you making small (but big) changes for yourself, we are reading about your friends, family, and co-workers who are jumping on board! It is amazing what two weeks of hydration and greens can do for your body. We want you to keep up the water and green intake but are ready to challenge you to simple and energizing SNACKS! These next seven days have the potential to drastically change your energy levels. Due to big food companies who spend millions of dollars advertising food as “healthy” when it can be a sugary, chemical nightmare, snacking can be confusing leading to frustration..  Our goal is to provide you with snack ideas that are full of nutrients that will provide you with sustainable energy until your next meal. These next seven days are designed to help your snack habit become a healthy habit.

Week 3 Grocery List
  • Raw almonds
  • Organic apple
  • Lara or chia bar
  • Sprouted bread (we like Ezekial found in frozen section)
  • Veganaise or organic mayo
  • Cucumber
  • Fresh dill
  • Cumin
  • Red pepper
  • Hummus
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Clementine
  • Banana
  • Chia seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Cinnamon
  1. Raw almonds are often found at health food stores.
  2. Try to find hummus with a few real ingredients or go for the gold and show us your own, homemade hummus :)


We have included work outs that are familiar to you from the past two weeks so you can TURN IT UP!

Day 15-A glass of water, 10 almonds, and an organic apple for the 3 slump or mid morning lull +12 minute Lift and tone booty routine with Tone it Up + 2 mile walk/run

Day 16-A glass of water and a Health Warrior Chia Bar + find a workout class in your area to attend. Take a picture with the instructor and tag their place of business! :)

Day 17- A glass of water and A piece of sprouted bread (from your bakery or freezer section. We like the brank Ezekial ) with two teaspoons of vegenaise or organic mayo with sliced cucumber, fresh dill, sea salt and a sprinkle of cumin. + 7 minute Slick and Slender with Tone it UP (weights or veggie cans with this) + 100 jumping jacks + wall sit (try and challenge yourself to a longer wall sit than last time) + 100 more jumping jacks!

Day 18-A glass of water and a sliced red pepper and one serving of hummus + 14 minute booty lift routine with Tone it Up + 5 minute fat blast with Jen 

Day 19- A glass of water and 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds and a clemenitine + Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes! + make time for a 10 minute walk after a meal.<– This does wonders for digestion

Day 20-Banana cut in half with some organic peanut butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and chia seeds. + The KK butt routine(11 minutes)  and the 14 minute Full body Twerk out

Day 21-Spread the love….take a picture of you and a friend/co-worker eating your favorite BEC snack. + 100 jumping jacks (TWICE)  and 100 sit ups <<does not need to be consecutively>>


Remember to tag us at #blondeseatclean28 and it is NEVER too late to join the challenge!


The BEC team

BEC 28 Day Challenge: WEEK TWO


CHALLENGE WEEK 2You guys are killing it! We are so proud of each and every one of you! Soooo guys, you just completed a week focused on hydration! Congrats. This week, it’s all about greens! Why??? Because greens are POWERHOUSES. They are super nutrient dense and give us natural and sustainable energy. In America, most of us think about having greens as a side to our dinner or perhaps some iceberg lettuce on a sandwich. Well, I’m pretty sure you are like the BEC girls and require a lot of energy all day long and a side or two of greens at dinner just isn’t gonna cut it! We have simple, easy, and DELICIOUS ways to incorporate more greens into your day….everyday.

WEEK 2 grocery list
  • Organic peanut butter with one ingredient, two at most
  • Unsweetened Almond milk (we like SILK because it is non GMO)
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • large container of organic spinach
  • organic cinnamon
  • ripe bananas –PEEL and slice in eight pieces and freeze in baggie.
  • Cold pressed juice (link to suja)
  • Organic baby kale
  • Lemon juice
  • EVOO
  • Pink salt
  • Pine nuts
  • Raisins (organic if possible)
  • Shaved parmesan or full fat feta in the brine
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 small red onion
  • fresh bunch of cilantro
  • Lime
  • Organic corn tortilla chips
  • Tomato if desired in guacamole
  • Pick two of your favorite green veggies to have with dinner one night, day 12
  • Choose a green veggie to roast
  1. Organic peanut butter is now very accessible. We have found peanut butters at major grocery stores including Walmart and Target. Look on the ingredient list for these two things: Peanuts, Salt. A lot of companies now have "creamy" peanut butter that does not allow the oil and butter to separate (which is TOTALLY natural)
  2. Make sure your bananas are pretty ripe. Almost OVER ripened. We see them on "managers special" at our local grocery stores and I know that we must jump on it and buy them all because frozen bananas in the BEC freezer must always be stocked.
  3. Lemon Juice: We love the organic Santa Cruz bottled lemon juice because it is MUCH easier. You will find yourself using this a lot!
  4. EVOO= extra virgin olive oil
  5. Pink salt has mineral content. A brand REAL SALT is great too. Sea salt is ok.
  6. Full fat feta in the brine is a game changer.


Day 8, Monday, January 12: BEC Smoothie to replace any meal //   25 minute Bikini Body Routine with Tone it Up     (1-10 lb free weights or grab a can from your pantry!)

Day 9, Tuesday, January 13: BEC Green Smoothie with 2 cups spinach // 10 minute Abs and Upper Body Workout with XHIT + 20 minute Fat Burner Workout with XHIT

Day 10, Wednesday, January 14: Buy a Cold Pressed Green Juice (Suja is available at Target) // 12 minute Lift and tone booty routine with Tone it Up + 10 minute Fat Blasting circuit

Day 11, Thursday, January 15: Our favorite Green Kale Salad for lunch // 30 minute full body workout with Gymra

Day 12, Friday, January 16: Have two greens with your dinner( tip for quick ideas): frozen organic peas with some grass fed butter and pink sea salt is my kids fav. Or, slices cucumber with some pink salt and balsamic or even a green pepper dipped in Annie’s Organic Ranch. // minute Arms and Abs workout with Tone it UP (need couch or chair and dumbbells) + 2 mile walk/run! 

Day 13, Saturday, January 17: Make homemade guacamole! You may die.  Tip: Please use organic corn tortilla chips to dip to stay away from GMO’s  // 10 minute hips and butt with Blogilates + 1 minute jumping rope (no rope necessary, just do the motions! ) + 1 minute plank + 1 minute jumping rope again + 1 minute plank again

Day 14, Sunday, January 18: ROAST A GREEN VEGGIE!! Tip: Lightly cover any veggie in cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and sprinkle with pink salt and your favorite spice. 10 minute tabata work out (NO JOKE) + 10-15 minute walk after lunch or dinner



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