Build a perfect Salad

So salads have a bad name. It’s “a side” or something you should eat on a daily basis because you were told they were healthy. But we want to change your mind on what a salad should look and taste like. We want you to learn to build the most perfect, delicious and filling salad you will crave every single day.

First, Some pictures to inspire you!!!    …

egg salad

…and filling
harvest salad and beautifulstrawberry salad

Now introducing

tiffany holding salad




start with
something green

I KNOW! That’s ROMAINE. sorry, it’s “static” and the blonde got the best of me :/ SPELL CHECK

Okay, so next fresh herbs


don’t forget!cheesy


THIS IS GETTING GOOD but the next could be your biggest game changer

something warm

AND MEAT! You really do not HAVE to get a protein on there but how ’bout the first picture? Baked salmon and a fried egg. (OMG so good) Or grilled chicken, shredded meat and whatever you are making for dinner. Honestly, make this salad your WHOLE PLATE and then add 3 ounces of protein. You have a plant based, delicious salad.

Dressings are hard. Because you have something salty, sweet, cheesy, proteiny (new word), warm, crunchy, the dressing will not be the big game changer. NO NEED FOR HEAVY RANCH NOW! woo hoo. It is delicious as is.. but our dressing recipe brings a bit of acidity to the salad which balances every part of it out.

blonde dressing

Now go volunteer to make a salad and blow minds!

Happy warm weather


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