We know, we know.  It’s almost the start of another year.  Another resolution.  Another gym membership.  Another diet.  Wait what?  Quiet that noise!  We want to give you a running (jumping, springing, slamming!) start into this new year!

Together with {amazing} Health Warrior Chia Bars, we invite you to join the #blondeseatclean28 day challenge.  Pssshhh, don’t tell anyone, but it’s broken down in a way that is SIMPLE AND FUN yet EFFECTIVE.  Best part?  Minimal groceries (one short list a week), no gym membership required, and no special equipment!

Here’s how you enter:

1. Make sure you follow and like Blondes Eat Clean and Health Warrior on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
2. Save the above image and repost on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #blondeseatclean28

You’re almost done!

3. Shoot us a quick email at info@blondeseatclean.com with a silly selfie, your name, age and weight (we will never share this info) plus your goal for the challenge (lose weight, feel better, more energy, improve flexbility, whatevs).  Throughout the 28 days, post pics of your food, progress, selfies, any and all of your challenge activities to facebook, instagram, and/or twitter with the hashtag #blondeseatclean28

At the end of the 28 days one lucky winner will receive a pretty ridiculous package delivered right to your door from Health Warrior including a month’s supply of Chia bars, Chia seeds and Chia swag!

FAQ?  What the heck does this challenge entail???!!!

Every Sunday we will post on our IG, FB, and Twitter a short list of ingredients (nothing cray, we swear) to pick up at the grocery store.  Each day we will blast out a fun fitness challenge (think: a super fun 6 minute booty shaking video) and a nutrition challenge (think: swap your crap candy for decadent dark chocolate, swap your soda for Kombucha, roast a green veggie, etc).  Capture your progress on social media, tag us, and boom…you’re in!  There are no losers here but the winner’s bounty is AWESOME.  Trust us, we know Health Warrior and they are hooking you up!  Email any questions to info@blondeseatclean.com.

Also, you don’t have to start on DAY 1 (which is January 5).  Jump in wherever and whenever you can, skip a day when life gets in the way and come back when you’re able! The challenge ends on February 1 and the winner will be named shortly after!  Just make sure to send us an email by February 4 with your final weight, selfie, and what you learned from the challenge!  Easy!

Let’s start 2015 off with a bang, shall we?!



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