Blondes Eat Clean: Back to School Snacks

Okay guys. Kids are going back to school and what the heck do you pack to get them through the morning??? They get hungry, tired, and sometimes cranky at around 10 o’clock. Their bodies need nutrients and real food that can be converted into sustainable energy so they can focus and concentrate and make it to lunch without starving. The good ole Nutrigrain Bar, Quaker Granola Bar, Little Debbie snack, pretzels, Goldfish, Fritos, or potato chips are NOT GOING TO DO THIS! These are empty calories filled with no nutrition. They will give your child a quick burst of energy BUT they will soon lose their energy and crash even harder than before they had their snack. This trail mix will keep your child’s energy going for several hours. They will NOT get the sugar spike and then crash because it takes the body time to digest the trail mix and they will get consistent energy for the next few hours.

I went to Fresh Market and brought my son with me to pick out some of his favorite things to make a home made trail mix. (If you have your child be a part of the shopping they are more excited because it was THEIR choice.) We did buy all organic and it ended up costing about .75 cents per ¼ cup serving. That does add up in cost, so if you buy in bulk in the bins or non-organic you can save over half the money and bring your cost down to about .30 cents per ¼ cup serving. He is almost 17 years old so I give him almost a cup because he is an athlete and needs more calories. Keep this in mind when giving your kids their snack. Not all kids require the same amount of “energy/calories.” My 10-year-old son who is also very active and plays soccer after school might only eat a ½ cup. If you have a daughter who is in her teens and doesn’t play a sport but you want her to be able to focus in school and have an energizing snack, a ¼ cup is sufficient. For yourself, a ¼ cup is usually a good serving too because nuts and berries are very nutritious but also high in calories and healthy fats. Just eat in moderation.

trail mix
Here is the recipe we used that took about 2-3 minutes!

Connor's Fav Trail Mix
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Snack
  • 1 bag organic cranberries
  • 1 bag organic dark chocolate covered goji berries
  • 1 bag organic cashews
  • 1 bag organic coconut
  • 1 bag organic raisins
  • 1 bag organic banana chips
  • 1 bag organic Turkish apricots
  1. Put in a large bowl and mix with hands or wooden spoon and store in mason jars. I like to put mine in the one-cup mason jars so he can grab it quickly and put in his lunch box each day. It’s so easy. I promise.


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