BEC Karma Cleanse.

Karma Cleanse

karma: the force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person

So there it is. Are you a believer in karma? Maybe you are or maybe you’re not. I don’t think it really matters. The bottom line is, if you are kind, good-hearted, warm, and just old fashion nice….then those similar type of people will gravitate to you. Does that mean nothing bad ever happens to nice people. Of course not. But with positivity and love, good things are much more likely to happen. Try it this week and see how it goes.


1.Tell someone in your life why you are grateful for them. In person or in a handwritten note. (make a mental note of how this person reacts and how you feel inside after you tell them)

2. Make it a point to show an act of kindness to someone, even a stranger. Literally go out of your way. (see how it feels when you see/hear their reaction)

3. Check your motives. If it is to cause harm, or sadness, or revenge…rethink your plan and try to come up with a new one. I usually like to try the “kill them with kindness plan.”(even when you really want to kick their a–!) Sometimes that is harder done than said, but it almost always works. For real. I’m talking about a 95% or greater success rate. It’s hard for people to act harshly to a really nice person.

4. Forgive someone. Let it go. Most often, the grudge we are so determined to hold only affects ourselves. The person we decided to hold the grudge against is usually walking around living life without a clue. So talk it out and let it go.

5. Repeat.

In the health and wellness industry we talk a lot about juice cleanses. And I am a fan as I ordered a juice cleanse just yesterday. But for me, the cleanse that works best every single time is the Karma Cleanse. Life can be insane. It is so easy to get caught up in the little things. (well, for me anyway) I got upset about the DUMBEST thing ever the other day. We were going somewhere for brunch and I checked online to make sure the restaurant was still serving their brunch menu at the time we would arrive.They were. We arrived and looked at the brunch menu and were excited to place our order. When the waitress came over she said kindly that there was no brunch because the chef decided not to do it today. I got upset and was short with the waitress. My awesome son nicely reminded me that it wasn’t her fault and that I wasn’t very nice. I felt horrible. You know, that crappy pit you get in your stomach when you know you didn’t do the “right” thing. It sucks. But THEN….the waitress came back. I sincerely apologized and told her I realized it wasn’t her fault and again told her I was so sorry. (several times) Guess what? Yup. I felt great immediately, didn’t care about the dumb brunch that we couldn’t eat, and felt a happiness come over me and of course proceeded to leave her a kick butt tip on top of it. Doing the right thing feels great. We CAN affect our surroundings. The whole mood at my table changed after I apologized. Our mood affects others sometimes more than we realize. And I am grateful my son (who is 10 times more mature than me!) pointed out my unreasonable actions to me. Sooooooo, it doesn’t matter what you call it. (karma or anything else) If you consistently try to have positive and kind actions, better things WILL happen in your life. People love to be around a positive person because they feel good about themselves…..and maybe, just maybe, more positives things start to happen. It can’t hurt to just try it.


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