Your Beauty Routine Starts…In the Kitchen?


I got to experience a super fun spa a few weeks ago while tagging along with my husband on a work trip.  While spa-ing it up with my awesome aesthetician, Brenda, I learned SO MUCH.  We chatted about BEC and FOOD (of course) but then she disclosed some incredible clean, CHEAP, and effective ideas to change up and improve my (and YOUR) beauty routine.

The Ice Cube. Start with an ice cube and rub it ever-so-lightly, (I mean like SUPER lightly) so you can hardly feel it on your skin.  Do this in an outward motion toward your hairline and down toward your chin and neck.  This will stimlulate your lymphatic system which dumps out under your armpits, getting rid of excess fluid aka puffy face!

The Egg White. Ya’ll, egg whites are straight up protein oozing directly into your skin once you slather it on.  So this isn’t the neatest process, but crack an egg into a bowl and separate the white from the yolk.  You only want the white.  Rub on a layer and let it dry. This won’t take long but you will feel it start to harden and get “crackly”.  Time to put on another layer.  And another.  Once you get a thick mask, let it sit for about 15 minutes. Do this once a week and watch your skin’s texture improve!

Lemon Juice. Mix the juice of a whole lemon with a tablespoon of coconut oil and coat your face and neck.  Done regularly, this can lighten and eliminate age and dark spots!

The Avocado. I was telling Brenda for every two avocados I buy, I throw one away because it gets too ripe before I am able to use it.  I will never throw away another avocado.  Next time this happens to you, mash your brown avocado with a tablespoon of EVOO and what do you have?  Instant hair mask!  Moisturizing, chemical free and gives your locks tons of SHINE!

Sugar. I know.  The dreaded “S” word.  The only good thing to do with white sugar is to mix it up with some used coffee grounds and coconut oil and use as a body scrub!  It smells delicious, exfoliates the h*ll out of your dull winter skin, and leaves you glowing. Obvi, use whatever sugar you have on hand (brown, coconut) and if you don’t have sensitive skin, you can use this gently on your face as well.

The Banana.  Mash an over ripe banana with honey for a calming, soothing face mask. This mask is perfect for me as someone who suffers from tons of redness on my cheeks!

Toner.  I have never used toner but Brenda let me know that toner is essential because it balances the pH in our skin.  A balanced pH helps reduce acne and improve the overall look and health of your skin.  Instead of splurging on a pricey brand, Brenda swears that good ‘ol witch hazel does the trick.  I have been doing this for four days now and really think my problem areas are improving peeps!

I’m excited to clean up my beauty routine with these tricks.  Keep us posted if you know of any others!

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