Back In {Workout} Action


So remember my recent workout slump?  Yeah well it’s like GONE.  I mean sure I have to drag my a** to the gym everyday but I am going…everyday!

Want to know what saved me this go round?  Yoga.  I think Carolyn’s Vinyasa class at the beach (read more about her and her practice here) for real spoke to me.  I left in tears, feeling so relieved and open and just, I don’t know, awesome!

So I started attending more yoga classes at my YMCA and enjoy how different all of the instructors are.  I learn something new at every class and love watching how different people practice and appreciate the criticism from varying teachers.

Also, the gym I attend regularly Iron & Grace has two fabulous instructors who are so unique.  Su teaches a really athletic “tricked out” yoga class on Saturday mornings that has me jumping out of bed to attend.  I seriously love it.

And a newer instructor here, Cindy Lee is anything but new to yoga.  She is the real deal, read more about her here.  After attending one of her classes this week I can say she is so cool and different and a fun, intuitive teacher.

So that is working for me right now to get the bounce back in my step.   We always ask people how they stay motivated.  It isn’t easy so share with us what works for you!

 Namaste peeps.

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