I mean, what?

I know. If you follow goop or know what an adaptogen is, you’re probably familiar with ashwagandha. If you don’t and are not, let me attempt to break it down.

Ashwagandha is derived from the root and berry of a plant (so it’s “natural“) and is often taken in pill form.

But why?

People claim one little pill a day helps with a host of problems such as anxiety, stress,insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis, skin disorders, hiccups (say what?!), and chronic liver disease…just to name a few.

But I liked what I read on goop that sort of sums it up, “Like many adaptogens, ashwagandha can help with a number of different conditions, because they’re more about supporting the body systems overall, rather than fixing specific symptoms.”

OK, suits me. I take the below pill once a day with my morning smoothie and slew of other tonics and tinctures. Can I prove that this pill is contributing to the rebuilding of my body, strength, and overall health post baby? No. Am I an expert? NO!

But I have added it to my routine. Let me know if you take any adaptogens or have any thoughts on this one!


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