Are all protein powders created equal?

Protein powders equal

Hell no! If you want to get more protein in your diet using a protein powder you need to know what the heck is in that big tub you bought. Don’t assume it’s just loaded with nutrients. Many of the protein powders are loaded with sugars, artificial sweeteners, dyes, pesticides, harmful chemicals…….and oh my gosh, your body does not know what to do with that crap. I am also a huge believer that eating real food, mostly plants is the best way to go.

So be mindful. READ THE LABEL. Not the front, not the side, but the actual INGREDIENT LABEL. If we are adding protein powder to something, most often (if not always)  we are trying to be healthy. So lets choose wisely. Think of it this way. When you buy bread and want to be healthy to you buy Wonder Bread, Enriched Wheat Bread, Wheat Bread with 30 ingredients and you can’t read half of them, Whole Grain Organic Bread, or even you make your own Sprouted Spelt bread. Are they all the same? Does Wonder Bread have the same nutritional benefits as Whole Grain Organic or fresh baked Sprouted Spelt?

The same goes for protein powders. You can get crappy protein, high quality plant based protein and everything in between. Here are my recommendations.

  1. WHEY AND CASEIN PROTEIN: These proteins come from milk. So they need to be organic and even better is organic and from grass-fed cows. Other wise your protein is coming from cows who are loaded with antibiotics, eat cheap feed with harmful pesticides, and the cows cortisol (a stress hormone) levels are high because they are squished and living on a feed lot instead of roaming on grass. Unhealthy cow equals unhealthy protein.
  2. SOY BASED PROTEIN: Must be organic or it is loaded with harmful pesticides.
  3. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER: Leave it on the shelf. Studies show that artificial sweeteners can damage your body the same way natural sugar does and leads to sweet cravings. Names to look out for are sucrolose, splenda, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, cyclamate, erythritol, glycerol, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, isomalt, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, polydextrose, saccharin, sorbitol to name a bunch.
  4. MONO & DYGLICERIDES: Leave it on the shelf. Too controversial. I avoid this highly processed ingredient.

What protein powder should you buy? Here are a few recommendations. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. If you want a quality protein it will most likely cost more.

Garden of Life ProteinGARDEN OF LIFE: A plant based protein that is my personal favorite. I like all the flavors. It does have the stevia leaf extract so if you want to avoid that buy the unflavored.

vega proteinVEGA PROTEIN: Plant based protein with added greens


terawhey proteinTERAS WHEY: Organic Whey Protein

Sun Warrior ProteinSUN WARRIOR: Sprouted and Fermented

For me, when I want more protein I usually try to amp up on my nuts, bean, legumes, seeds, wild caught fish and greens. I like getting protein from my food instead of a powder. HOWEVER……life is busy and crazy and sometimes we just need to be able to scoop some protein in a shake. When doing so try and remember—-All protein powders are NOT CREATED EQUAL.


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  1. Alexandra
    08/25/2016 at 3:01 am (2 years ago)

    And epic sprouted protein is da bomb!


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