Apple Cider Vinegar…Yes I STILL Love It!

So, you have long heard me sing (scream?) the praises of my beloved Apple Cider Vinegar.  I have a small “shot” a couple of times a day followed by copious amounts of water to protect my teeth.  I use it in marinades, every salad dressing, in my morning lemon water (that I used to drink religiously until I had a baby BUT I will get back to this!) and even throw a splash in my green smoothie (it is undetectable, I swear).


I came across this article on Health Ambition that caught my eye. Want me to sum it up for you?  Scarlett Johansson uses an ACV mixture as a face wash.  Um, if it’s good enough for #scarjo it’s darn sure good enough for me.

And. It. Is. So. Easy.

From Health Ambition:

Step 1: To begin making your apple cider vinegar face wash, take a small bowl and pour around a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of warm water into it for a 1 to 3 ratio. As your skin gets more comfortable with ACV you can adjust this up to a 1 to 2 or even a 1 to 1 ratio.

Click here for the rest of the directions and benefits.

I am excited to have a new safe face wash that I can make in my house, with no chemicals or crap, and that really works!

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