5 Simple Steps That Can Change Your Whole Life.

Today is the day

The amazing clients I health coach inspire me every single day. Why? They show me that it is possible to ditch an old and unhealthy habit and begin a new positive one. This stuff is for real and can be life altering.  These are the top five things my clients have done to change their life.

1) You are never to old to start a movement/exercise program. Yes. This is the truth. I have witnessed it with hundreds of clients. Whether you start to move by walking, yoga, Pilates, TRX, playing tennis, throwing a frisbee with your dog, a football with your kid, or even four square with your neighbors!  (yeah, grown ups playing four square is actually hysterical!) Whatever it may be, just move. Start small. Grab a friend, get a book on tape and pop in some ear buds and cruise your neighborhood (on foot!), go on a bike ride with somebody,anybody. Does it suck in the beginning??? Sometimes. And sometimes it sucks big time. But you can still do it. It gets easier every single time. And believe it or not, soon enough you will look forward to it because you want that endorphin high.  Alert yourself in your calendar that you WILL go. This is the beginning….of changing your life.

2) It is not too late to follow your dream.(ok, well, within reason people) Americans get caught up in the day-to-day grind. It’s so hard not to. But take some time to dream. It could be a dream you’ve had since childhood or one  just thought of last year, or one that will come to mind as you are reading this. Sometimes just having a dream and thinking about it is half the fun.

3) Everyone has total crap days…..we just don’t talk about it. You are NORMAL. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Everybody has a bad day. But we don’t tend to talk about it as much, write it on FB or about blog about our misery. We tend to think we aren’t “normal” because we sometimes feel sad or have a crying attack or maybe we just wake up in a bad mood, Fight it off…..call a close friend to whine, cry with your bestie, grab your favorite stuffed animal for a hug session……then blast your favorite music, surround yourself with your most positive friends, make a killer recipe from BEC and EXERCISE.

4) Eat real food. Food with one ingredient. It is actually delicious once you get the hang of it. We are what we eat. I know. You may not want to hear it. But it is true.  Humans are nuts. We take care of our prized possessions if it’s a new car; we clean and wax it. If it’s a new dress; we wash it on delicate and hang it ever so gently to dry. If it’s some gorgeous new flowers, we water them everyday without fail. You get the idea. But for some reason we are in the “habit” of putting crap—food-like substances in our bodies (you know, the body you will be with for the rest of for life, the body that you can’t just order in a new one when it dies…..yeah, that one) that doesn’t promote health. Pretend food that actually promotes disease.Yes, this is proven time after time by real science. We get so busy taking care of all our other precious purchased items and forget about the most important one…..our body! So ditch the eating crap, that makes us feel like crap,  and start eating clean today because you can’t call Nordstrom and order in a new one.

5) You CAN feel the best you have felt in years. This is a biggie. Most people truly believe they are getting “old” even when they aren’t’ even close to old. Age. Just numbers. Let it go. You are as young as you feel. It’s hard sometimes but you can do it. You know how many clients tell me time and again that they will never feel like they did 5, 10, even 20 years before. When I ask them, “Why,?” they literally don’t have an answer. Because it can happen. And……then it does. And it can and will happen to you if you start to move and dream and stop being hard on yourself and eat real food.

So I understand that everything in life can take a U-turn for the good or the bad. The bad news is there are some things we absolutely have no control over. The great news is, there is so much we do. My clients are a consistent reminder that change is possible and sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. I have a good feeling that…..TODAY IS THE DAY TO CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE!

Huge hugs and smiles to all of you, make today count! :)


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